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When you consider having a website to promote your business or showcase your products, you need to choose a domain name and find a web hosting. Like others say, choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a brand/business name. In my personal opinion, it is even harder to find a good domain name than registering a new company name due to its low cost. The availability of a popular name is pretty rare.

A good domain name can make your online business successful, and it can be a good asset. To choose a good domain name requires a lot of thoughts and considerations. Your domain name is your identity on the web which is the first impression of your business. A good domain name may make a positive and lasting impression, while a bad one could drive people away. You want to make sure you choose a name that not only fits your business but is also easy to find and promote. 

What is a good domain name?

Short and simple

people are lazy and easy to spell incorrectly. If your domain name is too long to remember, people may give up typing a long string. Although search engines may Try to keep your domain name under ten characters. Yes, it is hard to find a very short domain nowaday. Keep your domain name shorter the better.

Easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to pronounce

Apart from some authorities or specialist groups, it might be harder for your visitors to remember the exact spellings of abbreviations or unusual spellings of your domain name. Some other shortened spellings may also be misplaced, like u instead of you, 4 instead of for/four etc., people may puzzled and mistakenly using numeral or spelled out. However, if your business has a unique name, you are good to use it as a unique identity.  

No numbers, no abbreviations

except from some special meanings of numbers, like 123, 101, 999, 800, I personally feel difficult to remember the mix of letters and numbers as a domain name. Try not to use numbers in your domain name.

Know about what you do in this website: 

visitors can recognise what is about this website on his/her first sight of the domain name. 

How to choose a domain name?

Use a correct domain extension (e.g. .com, .org, .co.uk, .net etc.). 

Lot of people say that the most recognisable extension in the world is still .COM. That’s TRUE and FALSE. Most of large companies and International businesses use .COM domain globally, because of its familiarity and association with commerce and reliability. In the UK, domain extension .CO.UK is an excellent choice for UK based companies, especially for small-medium businesses targeting a local audience.

Think like your potential visitors

it could be helpful to think like a potential visitor to your website. What kinds of domain names related to your niche are easiest to remember or type? Which ones stand out for their originality and accurate representation of the brand behind the site? Consider the most important features of your brand and the message they convey and look for phrases, words, and keywords that might help express those ideas.

Use simple word and avoid numbers and abbreviations: 

when you tell others your domain name, people may easily grab it, especially for those non-native speakers. Again, mix of letters and numbers may confuse your visitors. It makes your domain hard to remember. 

May use keywords or area name in your domain

it makes your domain clearly indicate the target market or main purpose of your niche. When your business is a local, it is very easy to recognise it from your domain name. Keywords can be helpful to describe your product/services and might be boost your search engine rankings, if the content in your website is well organised and coordinated. Here I need to point out, if your domain name has an area name, you need to consider the possibility of future expansion of your business or your customers from outside of this area.

Think about a brand-able and memorable name over generic names: 

The name you choose is the online representation of your brand, so it’s important to make it stand out from the competition and speak clearly not only of the service or product niche you’re offering but also of the values and mission behind those things. This will help potential customers remember your business easier. It’s also important to think long-term about your domain name. Since that name will be used all over the internet, and potentially offline too, it can be difficult to make a change later if it appears that your name doesn’t really express what your business is about, or if your company opts to expand into other areas.

Try to claim your name in various ways – protect your business. 

Because domain name is not expensive, registering a special domain name may lead a great fortunate, like pizza.com was sold for more than USD 2 million. Since a domain name represents its owner everywhere online, claiming it in every possible way keeps it visible and avoids confusion. Research possible alternatives to a desired name and purchase those domains if possible—including potential misspellings of the name. Google also registered its misspellings gooogle.com.

If you registered multiple domains for your business, it has some advantages for your SEO with good strategies. I would like to discuss this particular topic in a separate article.  a


Domain name is important. Make sure your domain is short and easy to remember. It reflects your business image and may be helpful to assist your rankings on search engines.

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