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Our Web Projects Portfolio

In the past years, we developed websites for various customers with different requirements.

Our Web Projects Portfolio

Tourism & Hospitality

I built websites for hotels, travel agents and other tourism business throughout Scotland. I have extensive relevant knowledge in Edinburgh especially. It is vital important to help them to boost their bookings, increase customers enquiries, minimise agency fees as well as provide sufficient information to help their customers. 

Small Businesses

As a small business owner, I have true understanding of how small businesses run. I’ve made full customised websites for various businesses. It is totally fit for whether you want a business showcase, or customer services hub, or a full online shop, and so on. I have been always inspired by creative ideas from my clients and discuss how to maximise the business potentiality with their websites.  

E-Commerce Online Shops

Year 2020 is tough for a lot of us. However, it may be a good start to sell your products/services online. No more worries about the commission fee eBay or Amazon took from you. You will get what you earn from your sales. At the same time, synchronise with eBay or other online merchants is a good approach in the beginning.

Apart from online sale, we can add a schedule part for your bookable service time or events. It makes your customer to book an appointment with you via your website.

There are some other features and business methods we could do via your website: subscriptions, event management, takeaway orders, room bookings, affiliates, dropshipping etc.

EH Web Works portfolio - Beyonde
EH Web Works portfolio - Fandi group


EH Web Works

Express & Flexible

We aim to deliver your website in a quick way. At the same time, we give you level of customisations.

EH Web Works

Multilingual & translatable

Either you would like to have manually translated page or machine translating text, we could add them to your website for your international visitors' needs.

EH Web Works


It is just a beginning to have your website released. You need a long-term efforts to add new content, do marketing campaigns, boost on your social media etc to push your website ahead. We could give you support and help.

EH Web Works

Responsive Design

With latest trend, all our websites are fit for viewing from your large screen as well as your mobile phone, tablet and other devices.

EH Web Works

Post Production Support

We will provide technical support for all our productions after it is released. We would like to discuss with you for future upgrade or

EH Web Works


We will design and implement the complete online business solution. It will include products, shopping cart, payment and stock admin etc.

Plan to Make a USEFUL website

To make a looking good but most importantly effective website is our goal.