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We Create USEFUL Websites

We develop responsive websites fast with latest technologies, from simple business brochure to database driven interactive web applications.

OUR Procedure

EH Web Works - service procedure step 1

Planning & Research

We need to discuss your purpose of this website and to recognise the value and importance of further direction.

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Design & Coding

We will recommend you with implementations and technologies we will use. The deliverables will be available by milestones.

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The completed website will be release to your hosting server and we will take care of all deliverables files and configurations.

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There are still some work to do after your website is released. We would help you to do SEO, social media feed, application add-ons.


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EXPRESS delivery

We normally provide express prototype design and working website delivery within a week for most of our standard web design works. Highly customised complex websites may take longer.

Responsive Designs

Our mobile-first approach is also works fine for desktop computer users. We are doing responsive web design for all our projects right now.

Bespoke and Full Customisation

We focus on the usability as well as visual design. The website will be fitted for your real needs.

Languages and frameworks that
we are currently using:

EH Web Works provides affordable bespoke web development.

Business Brochure / Showcase

If you just need a website to tell people what you do, where you are, and to create an extra channel to attract people to visit or contact you, we can provide a highly affordable website with express delivery to make it running.

 All websites we build are fully responsive, feature rich and give you a starting point to expand in the future.

  • A showcase can be integrated with images, videos, music etc. to show every details of your work.
  • An easy contact form is also an important part for your customer interactivities.
  • Of course, a map integration is essential for your contact page.
  • You can also choose to connect the website to your social media pages. Your business will be benefited by multi-channel expansion on web

At last, your website will be initially search engine optimised. We can provide a long-term optimisation work list for you or we would do it for you.

A standard brochure website can include the following pages:

  • Front page (home)
  • Services/Products
  • About Us
  • Contact Us
  • Portfolio, case studies and testimonials
  • Other pages: t&c, FAQ, privacy


Ecommerce Online Shops

Year 2020 is tough for a lot of us. However, it may be a good start to sell your products/services online. No more worries about the commission fee eBay or Amazon took from you. You will get what you earn from your sales. At the same time, synchronise with eBay or other online merchants is a good approach in the beginning.

We can add a schedule part for your bookable service time or events. It let your customer to make an appointment with you via your website.

Online payment gateways are also an essential part for your online shops. We have various solutions to allow you receive payment online.

There are some other features and business method we could do via your website: subscriptions, event management, takeaway orders, room bookings, affiliates, dropshipping etc.

EH Web Works provides affordable bespoke web development.