What to Consider to Start a Website?

By EH Web, 2021

Non-Tech Issues

Good idea/product = 50% success


You don't have to be an expert of web development. A good idea can be created by anyone.  Don't limit your imagination. Don't worry about how to achieve it. Ignore those technical specs.

Think about Brand and Target


The purpose of your website and your target audience hugely affect your strategies.  To choose a good brand and a domain name helps to show an image of your business.

Make list


Think about the main goals, core modules, genius ideas, content, visual styles, questions to ask your developer, dev plan, and budget. Write them on paper clearly. If you are not sure, ask for suggestions from your developers.

Start from simple and small


Try to make your website from simple as a quick start. You will spend more in long term on marketing and further expension.  If you are tight on budget, considering use free logo design, shared hosting, existing code framework, responsive design template,  with cost effective developers.

Long-term work


After your website is released, more work will be involved to boost it. There are SEO, content writing, customer communications, marketing, advertisement, email campaign,  new functions, upgrade and maintenance etc.  Be patient, and keep going ahead.