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Are you still hesitating whether it is worthy to have a website for your business? My answer is absolutely YES, not because I am a web developer myself. At present, a modern website is an important part of the business and it offers a wide variety of benefits too. It is not as expensive as you imagined and easy to do.  

Based on previous discussions with our customers, here I give you some opinions to show you some potential benefits.

Your business website is your extra channel to get customers

Website traffic

Now a day, many of customer habits have been changed to adapt to modern technologies.  Almost all the businesses have their websites including your competitors whatever the size of the business.

To encourage continued success, you need to attract new customers and to maintain your old customers too. One of the best ways to do it is by making yourself visible on Internet. A well-optimised website can help your business rank on search engines for a variety of search terms and attract a stream of new customers.

Website is your business showcase and a digital business card

Even a very simple website can act like a digital business card for a business. It will be constantly updated with latest information. People can reference it again and again for things like contact details, products, services offered and more.

Furthermore, a well designed website can show more info well to present your professional image. People may not wish to read a long list of technical specifications. But well-written and organised content provides sufficient information to attract your target customers.

Your business website is an interactive platform for you and your customers, to display reviews from your customers, testimonials

Websites is no longer static now. You can add various interactive components, like forum, reviews, social media feeds. It allows your company’s image to be shaped via input from the public. There are real interactions and feedbacks from real people.

The responsive design makes your customers easier to find you on multiple devices

Do you still remember how painful when you browse a non-optimised website using your mobile phone a few years ago? Text is too small to read and you have to scroll horizontally and vertically to see the whole picture. You may be tired of different screen resolutions shows in different ways. Same as web developers, I was unable to keep up with the endless new resolutions and devices to adjust page components or make comprises.

A few years ago, some business websites had already realised the importance of mobile users. They made a mobile version of page and a regular page for desktop users. Yes, you would have to make one page twice or more with a lot of extra coding/testing. On the other hand, they didn’t want to lose visitors from one device.  

Now it is practically essential to design mobile friendly web page, which is compatible with mobile devices as well as large screen resolution. It is called responsive web design. Regardless you are using iPhone, iPad, Chromebook, even Kindle, the layout, images, text etc. would automatically switch to accommodate for its screen.

It is a trend and Google prefers mobile friendly web pages now. If you are thinking about to build a new website or revamp your existing one, responsive web design is an essential feature.

Your business website is a cost effective solution for your marketing purpose.

Talking about marketing, people may think about advertisement on newspaper, yellow page, leaflets and call centres etc. Yes, they are still working. Some of these conventional marketing activities are expensive or time consuming. Why not try to make a website to do the similar thing in comparable low cost. A well optimised website may lead more customers with your budget.

Even your business is a start-up. A website may be a good starting point to advertise yourself and grow following your business develops. In addition, thinking about selling products online, it is a good supplement or alternation to rent a shop. Every business has its unique requirements. I cannot say e-business is suitable for every business but you still have an option to try a new method and start from small and facing a bigger group of audiences.

If you are interested, contact us to have a free initial plan and non-obligation quote with my business EH Web Works.

Website is a long-term progressive but it is easy to maintain

Website is not a magic for your business growth. It may not become successful quickly. There are a lot of works involved, including plan, design, development, SEO, maintenance, upgrade etc. I have to admit that it is not an easy job. But you may obtain long-term progress if you keep making efforts on it as what you do in your business. The release of your website is not the end of the work, but it is just a beginning of months and years’ contributions.

Don’t worry about that. Your website may start from small. It will grow with your efforts and feedback you fruity outcomes. You can still find many professional people to help you to create content, to plan your marketing strategy, to tune your code etc. You are facing the similar situations as million of businesses do. If you need some further suggestions, please contact us.


Website is an essential part of your business. It is a cost effective solution to your marketing strategy. Please bear it in mind to make your website mobile friendly with responsive design. Don’t under-estimate or over-estimate the power of website. It will grow progressively with your efforts. It is a long-term procedure. Feel free to contact us for unique requirements of your business.  

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